Feb 14, 2023 | Politics

Major UFO Cover-Up Happening Right Now?

Major UFO Cover-Up Happening Right Now?

No, this isn’t just “Internet rumor” or “Conspiracy theory”.

This is Rep. Matt Gaetz talking with Congressman Tim Burchett about UFOs and the cover-up that is ongoing right now and dating back all the way to Roswell in the 1940s.

Tim Burchett believes there may be a MAJOR UFO coverup happening.

Tim and Matt talk about Roswell, Recovered Craft, Advanced flight performance, and the pictures of UFOs people have sent him.

Oh, and all the top Air Force pilots who confirm it.

Watch this stunning short chat:

Meanwhile, the U.S. Military said this today:

U.S. Military: No, We Haven’t Ruled Out…

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