Feb 9, 2023 | Politics

Major Update On The Case, BOTH Still Alive!

Major Update On The Case, BOTH Still Alive!

This thing is really heating up…

When I very first reported on it, people didn’t even think it could be real.


Now EVERYONE is talking about it…


Mike Huckabee: “I Guarantee This Supreme Court Case Is Real…”

When I first started covering the Brunson Brothers Supreme Court case, I got a lot of doubts and complaints.

Grumbling, really.

I compared it to the Israelites in the desert.

Fair comparison.

People saying the case wasn’t real…

People asking why The Gateway Pundit and Epoch Times hadn’t covered it if it was real….

All this despite the fact that I showed the Supreme Court website and docket confirming it was real.

Still, grumbling.

And then?

Then the Gateway Pundit covered it.

Then the Epoch Times covered it.


Now Mike Huckabee is covering it, and not only that he says “I guarantee this is real”.

The leader paving the way always…

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