Feb 20, 2023 | Politics

“There Will Be, Certainly, What We Call The Black Swans…”

"There Will Be, Certainly, What We Call The Black Swans..."

Man this guy sure is evil, isn’t he?

He looks and talks just like the most ridiculous movie villain you could ever create….

Right out of Central Casting!

Except this guy is real.

And deadly serious.

Here he is proudly declaring: “There will be, certainly, what ze call ze Black Swansssss…..”

Bro, the accent is not helping you convince the world you’re not pure evil.

Watch here:

Speaking of Black Swans, we’ve been warning you.

Here was a warning I published in December:

Black Swan Incoming…

Is a Black Swan event incoming?

It’s starting to look like it!

Do you know what a Black Swan is and why it’s called that?

Allow me to explain:

A black swan event is a term used to…

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