Nov 19, 2022 | Politics

Kanye West Admits His Mother Was A “Ritual Sacrifice”

Kanye West Admits His Mother Was A "Ritual Sacrifice"

WARNING: this article may be troubling for many to read.

But it’s important and we’re going to cover it.

Think witches and Free Masons and ritual sacrifices aren’t real?

Sorry, think again.

They’re sadly very real and very scary.

And very demonic.

It’s how most in Hollywood get their fame.

Have you ever noticed that most famous people have a close family member who dies under strange circumstances right before they become famous?

That’s not a coincidence.

In fact, Kanye explains how and why it’s done in the clip below, and he also names a bunch of famous people and shows how it happened to each one.

Here’s what is circulating on Twitter, and then scroll down for the full video.

Here’s the short list from Kanye, beyond himself and his Mother:

Dr. Dre’s son…

Michael Jordan’s son (and father)…

Bill Cosby’s mom…

NOTE: I’m not saying that.  I’m…

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