Jan 31, 2023 | Politics

JFK Was On Crystal Meth?

JFK Was On Crystal Meth?

No, you’re not reading an article fro The Enquirer…

This is a brand new interview of Roger Stone.

Stone went on Grant Cardone’s show and they started talking about JFK and the JFK secrets.

Stone suddenly starts talking about how JFK was addicted to injectable crystal meth, or at least as Stone says an “early version” of crystal meth.

It started with JFK’s back injury and then he got hooked.

Needed it to survive.

Again, this is not Noah telling you this, this is Roger Stone making this announcement on Grant Cardone’s show.

It’s fairly early on in this interview, just skip the 5 minute self-aggrandizing intro pumping up Grant Cardone’s ego, and you’ll hear it in the first 1/3 of the interview….plus a lot more.

Listen here:

And I can’t wrap up an article about Crystal Meth without doing a shout out to…

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