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Jerry Seinfeld In Pulp Fiction?

Jerry Seinfeld In Pulp Fiction?

Allow me to explain what you’re about to see here…

Because if you don’t know what’s going on you might think this isn’t very interesting or it’s stupid or it’s not relevant.

But once you realize what this is, you will be stunned.

I’m sure you all have heard of the movie Pulp Fiction.

Came out in the 1990s, which here’s another mind-blowing fact….was 30 Years Ago!!

Feel old yet?

But now check this out…

Jerry Seinfeld was never in this movie.

Jerry Seinfeld never recorded any fake bit about this movie.

To the best of my knowledge, Jerry Seinfeld has never had any relation to Pulp Fiction in his life.

But you’re about to see him in the movie.

See him and hear him.

Using “Deep Fake” technology, they took a scene from the movie and they’ve put Jerry in it.

They basically morphed the real actor’s face and voice to look and sound like Jerry.

And I bet you…

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