Jan 30, 2023 | Politics

Jay Leno Suffers ANOTHER Freak Accident, What’s Going On Here?

Jay Leno Suffers ANOTHER Freak Accident, What's Going On Here?

It’s very possible that Jay Leno is having the worst luck of anyone not named Jeremy Renner.

Or it’s possible something else is going on?

Did Jay cross the wrong people?

Did Jay refuse to go Woke and is now paying the price?

Look, I don’t know…

I don’t have any inside information.

All I know is it’s extremely unlikely and the worst luck ever to be burned alive when gasoline explodes as you’re working on one of your cars (Jay is very experienced) and then just a few weeks after that recovery you suffer another FREAK accident.

I’m just saying…

And wait till you hear the details of this latest one.

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