Jan 31, 2023 | Politics

It’s Time To Address Timothy Dixon and Robin Bullock

It's Time To Address Timothy Dixon and Robin Bullock

I was hoping to not have to write this article.

But something is wrong here.

Something started off good and has turned and is now troubling.

That’s not just my opinion, that’s what Mario Murillo is saying.

I had some of the same thoughts and held off saying anything because I thought I might be off base.

But you’ll notice I greatly reduced the amount of coverage we gave to Robin Bullock, Timothy Dixon and Kat Kerr.

And before that, last year I famously announced my issues with what Hank Kunneman had done.

You can read that here if you don’t know what I’m talking about: My Issue With Hank Kunneman

But now that I’ve seen what Mario Murillo posted (and thank you to all the people who forwarded it to me) I feel confident in posting this because perhaps I wasn’t off base at all.

Perhaps the concerns were real.

As always, I’ll let you decide.

I report, you decide.


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