Mar 15, 2023 | Politics

Is It Time To Pull Your Kids OUT Of Public School?

Is It Time To Pull Your Kids OUT Of Public School?

Is it time to pull your kids out of public school?

It’s a question I think about at least once a week for the 4 little ones we have at home.

Is it safer?

Better education?

Better socialization?

Less indoctrination?

Better preparation for the real world?

So many things to think about!

More on that in just a moment.

First I want to show you a related video that totally blew me away.

Patrick Bet-David has really become a guy I admire a lot.

Lots of wisdom with this man.

In fact, this video was SO good I had to share it with you.

And then I have to ask you this question as you watch: Imagine a world where our kids went to a school like THIS 👇 instead of the schools they go to?

How quickly would our world transform?

Now ask the question in reverse.

Our schools did used to be a lot better.

A lot more practical.

And the Far-Left Deep State Globalists took a 40-year view to destroy…

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