Feb 9, 2023 | Politics

Is FEMA Trying To Issue A Not-So-Subtle Warning?

Is FEMA Trying To Issue A Not-So-Subtle Warning?

I am not a big believer in coincidences; sure, they happen, but they’re exceptions, never the rule.

Ever since Joe Biden usurped the White House the threat of nuclear war has proliferated many times over. When President Trump was in office the only time we heard the word nuclear was from neurotic liberals…

Today the word is casually thrown around in the global arena—what a difference 2 years makes.

I can safely say that the threat of nuclear war was never imminent in my life until this current administration took over…I guess they need to turn everything into rubble before building back better.

To add to the heightened pressure, a FEMA map of potential nuclear targets inside the United States has begun to recirculate on the internet.

Is someone inside the government, or the disaster relief agency itself, trying to issue a subtle, yet not-so-subtle warning to the public?


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