Mar 6, 2023 | Politics

Insider Reveals Why CNN Disregarded COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory

Insider Reveals Why CNN Disregarded COVID-19 Lab Leak Theory

In 2020, anyone who dared say COVID-19 originated from a lab leak was deemed a conspiracy theorist and censored on social media.

Mainstream media outlets echoed similar sentiments.

They said the lab leak theory was nonsense.

However, U.S. government agencies are finally admitting COVID-19 was likely engineered in a lab.

The U.S. Energy Department released a report stating with “low confidence” that COVID-19 arose from a lab leak.

U.S. Government Agency Admits COVID-19 ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Likely True

The lab leak cover-up continues getting exposed as new evidence comes to light.

Congressional investigators accused Anthony Fauci of prompting the drafting of the “Proximal Origins” paper to disprove the SARS-CoV-2 lab leak theory.

Fauci Faces New Allegations to Cover Up Lab Leak Theory

“New evidence suggests Dr. Fauci prompted the drafting of ‘Proximal Origins’ to…

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