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Illuminati “Superb-Owl” Halftime Rituals Exposed (2022 Flashback)

Illuminati "Superb-Owl" Halftime Rituals Exposed (2022 Flashback)

With about 12 hours to go until kickoff, I thought it was a good time to reflect back on all the occult rituals contained in each HalfTime show.  

Each year the Superb-Owl Halftime Show almost always disappoints.

It’s almost as if these people forget how to put on a compelling, entertaining show.

Perhaps that’s because they’re more concerned with trying to fit in all their illuminati symbolism and occult rituals.

This year was no different.

Although it was less obvious at first glance, and they didn’t do the Whore of Babylon literally riding on a Beast (Katy Perry) and they didn’t do the giant Masonic Pillars or huge triangle, they still had plenty of occult rituals spread all of this.

My friend ACallForAnUprising is my go-to source for these breakdowns and he’s already explained everything he noticed.

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