Mar 14, 2023 | Politics

If The Earth Is Flat, Wouldn’t You Just Fall Off The Edge

If The Earth Is Flat, Wouldn't You Just Fall Off The Edge

It’s time to address the most common (snarky) question I get each time I merely pose the question that perhaps the Earth isn’t a globe hurtling through space, spinning at an ungodly rate, circling a sun, racing through the galaxy.

Perhaps, and I’m just saying perhaps, we live on a still, flat Earth, with the sun, moon and stars set above us — exactly the way the Bible describes.

And each time I even ask the question about whether that is possible I get the same snarky response, and I think people probably think they’re the first person who’s ever thought about this when they post this in the comments and think they’ve just landed the mic-drop moment of the year:

“Wouldn’t you just fall off the edge?”

Or this variation?

“What about all the ships falling off the edge?”

LOL…..derp…..good one?

What if, instead of trying to land some big mic-drop moment of a…

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