Feb 2, 2023 | Politics

“HYPERPUMP” Incoming…Bo Polny Nailed Another One (Not Too Late For You)

"HYPERPUMP" Incoming...Bo Polny Nailed Another One (Not Too Late For You)

I’m not surprised any more by his accuracy, but I am always impressed!

It looks like Bo Polny nailed another one.

Bo was just on my show last week where we talked about his amazing call for Bitcoin to start moving up again very soon.

That was January 3rd.

Bo said Bitcoin was getting ready for a big move.

From January 3rd until last week it rose 40%!

Let that sink in…40% in 3 weeks.

Talk about a wild jump!

But then Bo came back on my show last week and said watch the end of January, first part of February for more excitement.

And what happened today?

Suddenly Bitcoin shot up AGAIN!

People like my friend Christopher Greene from AMTV even made videos about it saying the “HYPERPUMP” is incoming and “guaranteed” at this point!

Watch this:

I can’t give away Bo’s information in his Newsletter (I want to be fair to…

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