Jan 19, 2023 | Politics

HUH? This Woman Claims She Grew a [Rooster]!

HUH? This Woman Claims She Grew a [Rooster]!


I don’t quite know how to go about this article and I tried to sanitize it in the headline, but anyone who grew up on a farm might know what I meant.

This lady below claims she started testosterone and grew a Rooster!

I’ll just let the Hodgetwins explain, because it’s hilarious:

A cock.

She claims she grew a cock!

A wang.

A weenis.

A schlong.

A Johnson!

She claims that via taking testosterone she grew an Egglant! 🍆

Nevermind this is completely anti-science and anti-reality, you just have to love the comedy here!

Which leads to so many other questions…

If you’ve got a Small Rooster, can you just take a shitload of testosterone and grow a large wanker?

Or if you already had a Rooster and you took a ton of testosterone,…

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