Nov 23, 2022 | Politics

Huge Child-Sex Scandal Unfolding With Balenciaga?

Huge Child-Sex Scandal Unfolding With Balenciaga?

This story comes with TWO serious warnings…

Warning 1: much of what you are about to see and read is gross and sick and involves the (apparent) abuse or sexualization of children.  Read at your own risk.

Warning 2: nothing has been proven and we are simply reporting on what is going viral on Twitter.  Draw your own conclusions.  All parties remain innocent until proven guilty or admitting guilt.  

Ok, you’ve been warned.

Now let’s dig in…

So apparently there is a company out there called Balenciaga.

I have to admit, I have never heard of them before.

I know I cover the news, but not the news of high end fashion.

Apparently, this Balenciaga is part of Kering Group which owns many high end brands:

And yesterday Balenciaga started trending…

Why are the trending?

For the worst reasons possible: child sexual abuse and exploitation.

At least, that’s the sentiment on…

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