Feb 27, 2023 | Politics

“I Will Shake The IRS, Disney, World’s Currencies!”

"I Will Shake The IRS, Disney, World's Currencies!"

Yes….I’m back with another video from Hank Kunneman.

In my last article I asked you all a simple question: Do you want me to cover Hank more often?

The results were a landslide:

I still have my guard up a bit for reasons I won’t rehash here, but I’ve always found Hank to be fascinating and so we’ll watch a little more closely on his latest prophecies.

Let’s see if/when they come to pass.

This video was full of huge ones….

As many of you know, I don’t believe there is a NESARA / GESARA coming.

At least not in the way it’s commonly described.

The math simply doesn’t work.

But a great wealth transfer IS described in the Bible.

And God shaking corrupt institutions has happened in the past and will happen again.

So could God wipe out the IRS?

And would it be connected to a monetary reset or shaking of the world’s currencies?

It’s not so hard anymore to see how…

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