Jan 24, 2023 | Politics

GOP Senator Says Not Giving Ukraine Tanks Threatens the ‘World Order’

GOP Senator Says Not Giving Ukraine Tanks Threatens the 'World Order'

According to Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, we must give tanks to Ukraine to protect the ‘World Order.’

Graham went with his Democrat buddies to Kiev for an in-person meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

The warmongering politician warned us that the ‘World Order’ was ‘at stake’ if we don’t give the corrupt regime tanks.

Hasn’t Zelensky gotten enough U.S. taxpayer dollars in this massive money laundering scheme?

Not nearly enough if you ask Graham.

The South Carolina senator made the trip with Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal and Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.

“All three of us, one Republican and two Democrats, share the same goal – for Ukraine to drive the Russians out of Ukraine,” Graham tweeted.

“To achieve that goal, the Ukrainian military needs tanks.”

How about no tanks, no weaponry, no money!

In fact, reimburse Americans…

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