Mar 21, 2023 | Politics

The Coming Explosion (Higher) of Bitcoin

The Coming Explosion (Higher) of Bitcoin

I’ve been telling you Bitcoin is about to EXPLODE…

Higher, that is.

“Explode” and pictures with flames could mean two things I guess.

Either you explode on the launch pad and blow up, or you “explode” higher.

We’re talking about the “explode higher” situation, as in a blast off.

I’ve been telling you Bitcoin is ready to launch for a while now.

Actually, I’ve been telling you what Bo Polny has been saying.

And Bo isn’t wrong too often!

Now it’s not just me and Bo saying it.

This morning, Meet Kevin (Kevin Pafrath) posted a video titled “The Coming Explosion of Bitcoin”.

Kevin is about as mainstream as they come and he has 1.87 MILLION followers on YouTube.

He’s one of the biggest financial channels on YouTube and a smart dude.

Here’s what Kevin says is coming soon for Bitcoin:

Are you…

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