Jan 25, 2023 | Politics

Gavin Newsom Calls the Second Amendment a “Suicide Pact”

Gavin Newsom Calls the Second Amendment a "Suicide Pact"

Let the madness begin…

…or continue…

California governor Gavin Newsom just referred to the Second Amendment as a “suicide pact” following two recent shootings in his state.

Newsom seems to be doing his best to appease far-left progressives in the democrat party so that he can secure a presidential nomination in 2024.

Meanwhile, his own state of California is a complete wreck.

The part that most reveals how out-of-touch Newsom is with reality is the fact that he said this while surrounded by armed security…

The Daily Wire has the latest from Newsom:

California Governor Gavin Newsom called the Second Amendment a “suicide pact” in the wake of two mass…

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