Nov 27, 2022 | Politics

The TRUTH Behind The Tuttle Twins!

The TRUTH Behind The Tuttle Twins!

Noah here, and do you remember how Oprah used to have her “Favorite Things” list?

No, not that I watched the show.

But it was well known.

Anyway, I have my own list and on my list of “Favorite Things” the Tuttle Twins go right to the top!

It’s why I messaged the founder, Connor Boyack today and asked him if he’d come on my show this afternoon.

With no notice, he agreed and we were recording the interview about 30 minutes later.

I’m now very excited to share that with you….

Trust me, you’re going to love this!

So, if you don’t know who the Tuttle Twins are, you’re in for a treat.

In the interview, we talk about how Connor got started with this and what their mission is going forward.

We also discuss how and why they are a non-profit and what that means for YOU!

If you have kids in public schools, you need to see this…

And surprise!  If you homeschool your…

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