Feb 18, 2023 | Politics

Docs Prove Employees Knew Machines ‘Riddled’ with Critical Bugs!

Docs Prove Employees Knew Machines 'Riddled' with Critical Bugs!

Forget what the mainstream media is telling you.

They are showing their true colors again.

Usually, when the mainstream media reports on a story, they only tell you one side.

They might not necessarily be lying, but they usually omit critical details.


How much have you seen recently about Fox News and the lawsuit brought by Dominion?

The media is acting as though Fox News is the one in trouble here.

Nevermind the issue of Freedom of the Press…

The reality is that the discovery docs appear to suggest that Dominion’s own employees knew that their products were ‘riddled’ with critical bugs.

Instead of reporting on the apparent problems plaguing Dominion, the mainstream media is using this as an opportunity to bash Fox – and by extension, all Trump supporters.

But the truth is worse than you think.

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