Jan 29, 2023 | Politics

Former Pilot Tells The TRUTH About Chemtrails…

Former Pilot Tells The TRUTH About Chemtrails...

The Chemtrails story is NOT going away…

When we first started covering this, we had a lot of people get very angry about it.

Couldn’t believe it was happening.

Extreme cognitive dissonance.

But the more we’ve covered it over the years the more people are truly waking up and realizing it’s true.

In fact, I just launched our new website that is going to document all of this and it’s been on fire already with almost 100 people submitting their photos in just the first day!

You can see it here:

The site is called ChemtrailsExposed.com and you can see it right here:

As I said, the story continues to break wide open as we now have pilots starting to speak out.

Here’s the first one:

Backup here on Rumble:

And here is Part 2….also safe on Rumble: