Jan 31, 2023 | Politics

Obama Awards Biden The Highest Civilian Honor…Plus A Strange Twist

Obama Awards Biden The Highest Civilian Honor...Plus A Strange Twist

This is a flashback to when Obama was in office, which I like to call the Islamic Reign of Terror.

Remember those times?

We had a Muslim in the White House and every other day ISIS was burning people alive in cages, drowning them in cages, throwing people off buildings….

Remember that?

Then Trump arrived and all of that nonsense stopped almost immediately.

Anyway, I digress a bit.

Back to the topic at hand which is when Barrack Hussein Obama awarded Joe Biden with the Highest Civilian Honor and then not only that but he kicked it up a notch.

I thought this video was so very well done, showing exactly how strange and “off” this was.

Watch here:

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