Nov 24, 2022 | Politics

Dr. Zelenko’s Long-Awaited Z-Flu (Do NOT Take The Jab!)

Dr. Zelenko’s Long-Awaited Z-Flu (Do NOT Take The Jab!)


Folks…this is a warning from yours truly, Noah.


Don’t take any of the jabs, but especially get your guard up about the Flu shot!

They’ve conditioned everyone for years to think the flu shot is normal, safe, effective.

Truth is, it’s none of those things…in my humble opinion.

But it’s about to get way worse.

They’re going to start merging the COVID Jab into the flu shot.

You may not even know they’re doing it.

Pretty soon, this year perhaps, you won’t even have an option any more for just a “regular” flu shot, it will have the C-19 jab mixed in automatically.

So…what can be done?

Good thing is I have a MUCH better solution for you, and it comes to us from our good friend Dr. Zelenko.

You know, an actual doctor who actually took “Do No Harm” seriously…

Imagine that!


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