Feb 12, 2023 | Politics

“Jesus” Ad to Appear in Major Super Bowl Promo Spot

"Jesus" Ad to Appear in Major Super Bowl Promo Spot

Christians are finally beginning to fight back against WOKE.


Well, the He Gets Us campaign is set to promote Christianity at the Super Bowl.

Jesus Christ will take center stage in a game-changing Super Bowl ad, reaching 100 million viewers with a bold message of wisdom, hope, and peace.

The He Gets Us campaign is backed by Hobby Lobby founder David Green and anonymous donors, with no political or religious affiliations, just the authentic Jesus of the Bible, depicted as the source of radical forgiveness, compassion, and love. T

he $20 million advertisement is a powerful message worth every penny, leaving a lasting impact on the masses during Super Bowl LVII.

Don’t miss this historic moment and join the conversation to learn about the Jesus that He Gets Us – a game-changing advertisement that will leave a lasting impact.

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