Jan 24, 2023 | Politics

FDA Changes Strategy on mRNA COVID-19 Jab

FDA Changes Strategy on mRNA COVID-19 Jab

The FDA proposed on Monday that the mRNA COVID-19 jab be given annually like the influenza shot.

The strategy change is an indicator that the U.S. federal government has conceded that COVID-19 is here to stay.

COVID-19 is a similar pathogen to the flu and will become endemic.

We have to deal with it!

The ‘conspiracy theorists’ and outlets who reported the truth have said this for quite a while.

COVID-19 will never go away and should be treated like the flu.

However, the experimental injections belong in the trash.

They’ve caused nothing but harm to people around the world.

Now, the only difference is the approach taken by public health agencies.

Their narrative of getting every individual injected with an experimental drug is…

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