Mar 18, 2023 | Politics

One More Bank Failure, And The FDIC Is Underwater!

One More Bank Failure, And The FDIC Is Underwater!

Folks, please be careful out there!

I am issuing this extreme warning to make sure you stay safe.

What is the best wisdom when it comes to prepping?

Things like getting extra food and water on hand?

Worst case scenario is you have extra food and water if something DOESN’T happen.

But if it does you’re prepared.

I like those odds and outcomes.

Same deal here.

Folks, one more bank failure and Grant Cardone just said on Ryan Pineda’s show that the FDIC will be underwater.

They won’t be able to handle one more, let alone 5 or 10.

We had 3 last weekend.

Do you really think it’s over?

Like Cardone just said, that would be like finding the ONLY three roaches in your kitchen cabinet.

Think it’s really just those three?

Think we really just found the ONLY three banks that are insolvent?


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