Feb 21, 2023 | Politics

Engineered Collapse? The Federal Government’s Plan To Shoot Cattle From Helicopters

Engineered Collapse? The Federal Government's Plan To Shoot Cattle From Helicopters

I fancy myself a comedian and a jokester, but I can’t make this type of stuff up folks. …

The federal government announced on Thursday of last week that agents in helicopters will begin shooting feral cattle in mass.

Why? To protect the environment of course!

Officials claim that the feral cattle are causing erosion and sedimentation with their hoofs and are affecting river systems. They also went on to say that these feral cattle pose somewhat of a threat to people who encounter them. …

Imagine proposing and funding a scheme to shoot cattle at a time of historically high inflation, supply-chain issues, and a looming food crisis. …

How many millions will this entire endeavor cost?

The U.S. military apparatus and China are the top polluters in the world, it isn’t feral cattle, your car, or turning your thermostat up 3 degrees so you don’t freeze to death….

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