Nov 23, 2022 | Politics

Elon Musk’s Twitter Moderation Council Is DEAD! “They Broke The Deal”

Elon Musk's Twitter Moderation Council Is DEAD! "They Broke The Deal"

Holy crap!

Just a few minutes ago on Twitter (of course, where else?) Elon Musk quietly just broke some bombshell news…

Remember how he previously told us he was forming a “Moderation Council”?

And remember how terrible of an idea that was?

Well, it’s dead.


Good riddance!

Take a look:


But in just one short Tweet, we learned much more than just that one detail.

We just learned for the first time that the Moderation Council wasn’t Elon’s idea.

Sounds like he didn’t like it any more than we did.

No, apparently the Moderation Council was forced on him by a large coalition of far-left groups!

Sounds like blackmail to me.


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