Mar 17, 2023 | Politics

“He’s not the Antichrist, but he will present the Mark”

"He's not the Antichrist, but he will present the Mark"

Ok, I’m giving you two disclaimers right off the bat on this one.

First, I like Elon Musk.

I sure hope he’s not the Antichrist or the forerunner who will present the Mark of the Beast.

That would be a real bummer.

I like the guy.

I like his cars.

I like the Solar Roof.

I like the Optimus Robot.

I like what he’s done for Free Speech on Twitter.

So basically what I’m trying to say is I’m not an Elon Musk hater.

But I’m also a reporter and I have to report things fairly and accurately.

Which leads into my second disclaimer.

Second, I cannot verify the truth of this lady’s story.

It may be entirely fake.

She may be fake.

But it’s going viral on Twitter right now, so I’m going to cover it and let you decide.

Because the things she say are WILD!

It’s a short clip so you can just watch it yourself but here’s what stands out to me.

She says she was Elon’s nanny when…

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