Mar 13, 2023 | Politics

The Federal Reserve Is A Cartel, It’s Not A Government Agency!

The Federal Reserve Is A Cartel, It's Not A Government Agency!

You’re going to be hearing a LOT about the Federal Reserve Bank over the next few days…

So I thought it was important to make sure you understand what it is, and how corrupt it is.

And how the “Fed” is essentially behind most problems we have in the world today.

Read that last line again, because it’s not an overstatement.

The Fed has caused almost all wars and problems we have in the world right now.

Ed Griffin nails it, watch this short clip:

The Federal Reserve Bank is: (a) not Federal (it has no government control or true oversight — it is owned by a family of “elites”), (b) it has no Reserves — its flat broke, after it siphons off all your money, and (c) it is not remotely anything like a “bank”.

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