Jan 30, 2023 | Politics

“Doctor” Jill Biden Mocked After Appearance at NFL Game

"Doctor" Jill Biden Mocked After Appearance at NFL Game

Jill Biden is about as popular as her husband Joe, maybe even less so.

One of the reasons for that is her inflated ego.

For some reason, Jill continues to insist on demanding that the title “doctor” always be put in front of her name.

Worse than that, all the sheep in the media obediently comply.

The latest cringeworthy example was during last night’s NFC Championship game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers.

During the broadcast, the cameras panned to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, who was seated with Jill Biden.

The announcer quickly referred to her as “Doctor Jill Biden” as the two shared a laugh.

Once again, the internet is taking part in a collective eye roll as Jill’s ego takes center stage…

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