Nov 7, 2022 | Politics

Do You Know The Truth About God’s Rainbow?

Do You Know The Truth About God's Rainbow?

I came across something really interesting recently.

I’ve always been fascinated by the rainbow and how it’s been counterfeited in recent decades and taken over by the LGBTZVXYZ+ community.

It’s not really surprising, the Devil always steals and counterfeits from the true original.

He has no creative power on his own, he can only copy and counterfeit.

So he did what he always does with the rainbow, trying to take it over within the LGBT community.

But here’s what I found really interesting….it only uses 6 colors and not the full 7 of God’s rainbow.

Which is a funny phrase “God’s Rainbow”.

God’s Rainbow is simply “The Rainbow”.  The one true creation that he made.

Anyway, here is the LGBT Rainbow, and note only six colors:

Isn’t that interesting?

God chose 7 colors, the LGBT “community” chose 6.

I don’t think that’s any accident.

And you know…

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