Mar 5, 2023 | Politics

Disney Goes Full Woke AGAIN With Peter Pan

Disney Goes Full Woke AGAIN With Peter Pan

Here we go again!

Disney does not seem to be learning it’s lesson…

In fact, they’re doubling down introducing more woke-ism into every new movie.

The latest victim?

Peter Pan.

It’s such a shame because the visuals in this new movie look pretty incredible and it’s such a fun story to reimagine and share with your kids.

But of course we can’t have the “Lost Boys” anymore and Tinkerbell can’t be Tink either.


Mix and match the boys and girls and I’m just surprised the full cast isn’t openly transgender.

I’m sure that will be coming soon.

These people want a fully amorphous, non-gender race where everyone just looks kinda half-male and half-female.

Gee, now where have I seen that concept before?

What other person in history loves to blend the genders?


Oh right, I remember: the Baphomet!


The Baphomet is a mysterious symbol that has…

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