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Did You Know Woody Harrelson’s Father Was In The CIA?

Did You Know Woody Harrelson's Father Was In The CIA?

Woody Harrelson is back in the news this morning for an incredible monologue he did last night on SNL.

If you haven’t seen that it’s really worth a watch.

More on that in a moment.

But first I wanted to address something I just learned for the first time.

So you may not know it either.

Did you know Woody Harrelson’s father was in the CIA?

And he’s currently in prison for killing a guy?

True on both counts.

I had no idea!

I have a short video of Barbara Walters interviewing him back in the 1990s that I’ll show you in just a minute.

But first, from Ultra Pepe on Telegram:

Speaking of Woody Harrelson:
Did you know that his dad was a CIA agent?
It’s remarkable how deeply entrenched the clowns embedded themselves within Hollywood and it speaks volumes as to why Satanism and debauchery dominate over the industry.
What kind of blackmail do they use on these people?
Why are so many…

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