Nov 10, 2022 | Politics

Did The Plan To Reinstate Trump (Before 2024) Just Come Into Focus?

Did The Plan To Reinstate Trump (Before 2024) Just Come Into Focus?

About a year ago, I brought you a wild theory…

At least it was wild when I first suggested it.

But then Matt Gaetz talked about it and President Trump gave it a tacit head nod saying “that’s interesting!”

More on those details below in just a minute.

But suddenly today as the election results are still coming in and it appears as though the Republicans will almost certainly take the House and very likely the Senate too, suddenly this plan popped back into my head…

And suddenly a couple of the big pieces now seemed to be falling in place.

Because in order to execute this plan, you need a Republican House and a Republican Senate.

And we just may have those very soon!

Based on everything I’m seeing, I think it’s very likely we get 51 or 52 in seats in the Senate.

So please allow me to lay out the plan again and now that we see the pieces moving into place, I’m curious…

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