Mar 8, 2023 | Politics

Democrats Are Panicking Over ‘Sure Fire’ Way To Get President Trump Back In Office

Democrats Are Panicking Over 'Sure Fire' Way To Get President Trump Back In Office

The Uniparty is something most Americans are sick of and we deserve better.

President Trump once flirted with starting a 3rd party though, eventually, he relented because he did not want to split the vote the Republican Party afforded.

Although we are still stuck with the two establishment parties forming a cooperative monopoly, there may soon be a 3rd, viable option—at least for Presidential Elections.

“No Labels” is an organization claiming to represent potentially 60% of Americans—the so-called politically homeless, through attempting to nominate and run a 3rd candidate in Presidential elections.

Democrats are panicking that this is essentially an avenue for President Trump to retake the White House in 2024 and that the “Unity Ticket” pushed by No Labels will negatively affect Biden’s chances in the 2024 election.

Here’s more on the No Labels campaign:

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