Jan 25, 2023 | Politics

Crickets Added to Food Menus Across European Union

Crickets Added to Food Menus Across European Union

‘You vile eat ze bugs to save the planet!’ (Schwab voice).

It’s no secret that Schwab, Gates, and their WEF henchmen want the serfs to eat bugs under the guise of saving the planet.

You perpetuate climate change when you eat meat, according to these globalists.

So, we must add bugs to the menu.

That’s what is reportedly taking place across the European Union.

A food additive made out of powdered crickets has reportedly started appearing in foods such as crackers, cereals, and pasta.

According to Eva Vlaardingerbroek, an “EU regulation will go into effect that allows for ‘acheta domesticus’, aka house crickets, to be added to flour, bread, pasta…

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