Feb 6, 2023 | Politics

Could China Reach Spy Balloon Wreckage Before US?

Could China Reach Spy Balloon Wreckage Before US?

The Biden administration has turned the United States into a laughing stock.

They allowed an alleged Chinese spy balloon to float across the entire continental United States before shooting it down.

UPDATE: U.S. Has SHOT DOWN Chinese Spy Balloon!

While the Chinese Foreign Ministry said the balloon was a “civilian airship,” who is buying that excuse?

Chinese Foreign Ministry Responds to Alleged Spy Balloon

Could it be a test run for an EMP bomb attack?

Is This The Real Story Behind The Chinese Weather Balloon?

If this balloon was a test, the United States failed miserably.

The balloon floated from Alaska to the coast of the Carolinas before the military shot it down.

But it gets even worse!

Fears escalated that China may salvage the wreckage of the balloon before the U.S. military.

Yes, really.

Although the U.S. shot down the balloon a few miles from the Atlantic coast, U.S….

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