Nov 19, 2022 | Politics

CNN Hosts Shocked Jeopardy Contestants Have No Idea Who Biden’s SCOTUS Pick Was

CNN Hosts Shocked Jeopardy Contestants Have No Idea Who Biden's SCOTUS Pick Was

Imagine being so out of touch that you think everyone should know who Joe Biden appointed to the Supreme Court.

Here’s the reality: Most Americans didn’t pay attention because they knew Biden would NOT pick someone based on qualifications.

Instead, Biden was going to pick someone to appease the woke crowd.

He was always going to pick someone based off of identity politics.

That’s why people didn’t pay attention.

So… when a Jeopardy question asked about Biden’s 1 and only SCOTUS pick, not a single contestant knew the answer.

Well, this apparently SHOCKED CNN reporters.

Boy, oh, boy, are they out of touch!

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