Mar 4, 2023 | Politics

China & Cambodia Report Human Cases of Avian Flu, Next ‘Pandemic?’

China & Cambodia Report Human Cases of Avian Flu, Next 'Pandemic?'

This is something to keep on your radar.

It’s undeniable the global elites will attempt another scamdemic on the world population.

What pathogen will they fearmonger for the next scamdemic?

That’s the key question!

WeLoveTrump has reported on Marburg Virus on several occasions.

Have You Heard About The “Marburg Virus”?

Another potential candidate for the next global scamdemic is H5N1 (avian flu).

The United States reported its first case of avian flu in Colorado last year.

Here We Go Again? Colorado Man Tests Positive for Avian Flu (WATCH)

Unsurprisingly, the U.S. government applied for a patent for a new type of “DNA vaccine” for avian flu.

Is Bird Flu the Next Pandemic? Patent Application for ‘New DNA’ Vaccine for Bird Flu

Now, China is reporting a human case of avian flu.

The World Health Organization confirmed the case.

Will the globalists use this to push…

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