Feb 11, 2023 | Politics

ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence Writes A Song About Donald Trump

ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence Writes A Song About Donald Trump

As I mentioned recently in my article about the Nephilim, I’ve been playing around with this new artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT.

Don’t sleep on this.

It’s going to revolutionize and radically change our society and most people don’t even know it yet.

You can ask it anything and in a matter of seconds it will spit back to you the completed request.

Kind of like Google on steroids.

With Google, you can mainly only ask factual questions and you just get Google’s best guess on a match to existing websites.

This new AI tool actually does creative thinking for you.

And I’m about to blow your mind.

Here’s what I asked it to do:

I was curious what it would do.

Could it do it?

Yes, indeed.

And while it’s obviously biased against Trump, the fact that it wrote this in about 15 seconds is stunning.

Here’s the song:

Verse 1:
Donald Trump was a man,
He had a…

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