Feb 16, 2023 | Politics

Unsealed Documents Reveal Epstein-JP Morgan Connection

Unsealed Documents Reveal Epstein-JP Morgan Connection

The Epstein client list is close to being unsealed and the entire scandal is about to explode once more. …

Recently unsealed emails—1200 of them—suggest that there was collusion between Epstein and at least one former, top executive at JP Morgan. All 1200 emails were sent from Jes Staley’s official JP Morgan email account.

Additionally, at least 20 of the sex-trafficking victims were paid using JP Morgan bank accounts. …

It is difficult to believe that other top executives at the banking giant were completely unaware of Epstein’s activity and these employee emails.

Corporate work email accounts are routinely monitored for an assortment of would-be transgressions and none of the accounts associated with payment to victims of the sex-trafficking ring were ever flagged by JP Morgan.

Still, the deniability is plausible. …Let’s get into some of the details:

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