Oct 2, 2022 | Politics

President Trump Talks About His Upcoming Arrest!

President Trump Talks About His Upcoming Arrest!

Heads up folks!

Yesterday, I spent a good amount of time covering what I believe will be the next move in this epic saga being played out on the world stage.

Nationalists vs. Globalists

We The People vs. The Elites

Trump vs. the Satanic Cabal

What happens next?

I think we all feel we’re on the edge of something massive, and something has to give soon.

When will the white hats finally strike with everything they have?

When will they finally reveal the truth they have?

Well, I think it comes after the Cabal makes it’s next (and final) move.

The writing is on the wall, can you see it?

I wrote about it extensively yesterday, and I know many of you appreciated the advanced warning.

Some of you doubted, and that’s ok.

I hope it doesn’t happen!

And all opinions and viewpoints are welcome here as long as it comes from critical thinking!

But even I was shocked when hours after my…

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