Mar 17, 2023 | Politics

The Bank’s END! 4-Months The World Will Never Forget!

The Bank's END! 4-Months The World Will Never Forget!

I’m writing this article on a Friday.

I had Bo Polny back on my show this past Tuesday.

Last weekend we had three banks fail.

Do we get more this weekend?

A week ago, Bitcoin was at $21,000.

Then Bo said on Monday it would suddenly start spiking vertical.

Today it’s almost $27,000.

Has the run just begun?

Where’s the top?

Does a Bitcoin run preceed a Bank Run?

Two very different concepts.

So many questions… I had to get Bo Polny back on my show to talk about it.

Not only has it been a crazy week for Bitcoin, but Bo nailed it to the EXACT day!

Pretty amazing.

As usual, I can’t publish any of Bo’s Newsletters when it comes to future looking dates out of fairness to everyone who is a subscriber, but I can share after the fact and we go over all of it in this latest interview.

Bitcoin rose $3,000 on Monday and then another $2,000 on Tuesday, and Bo told us the week…

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