Mar 22, 2023 | Politics

Bo Polny Right AGAIN? 3/22 A Perfect Hit!

Bo Polny Right AGAIN? 3/22 A Perfect Hit!

Last Friday, news broke that President Trump was going to be arrested.

The news back then was that it was going to happen on Tuesday.

I did a quick check of the calendar and saw that Tuesday (today) was 3/21.

I instantly had a feeling that based on what Bo Polny told us that it wouldn’t happen on 3/21.

It would happen on 3/22.

That’s the occult “Skull and Bones” date Bo Polny told us about.

And it’s even worse this year because 3/22 is amplified by 2033 which is 3/22 in reverse.

These people love their occult symbols!

So we knew it would happen not on Tuesday but on Wednesday, 3/22 and I told you all that back on Friday.

Now guess what?

We are delayed.

By exactly one day.

To hit 3/22.


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