Feb 17, 2023 | Politics

If You Think It’s Wild Now, You Ain’t Seen NOTHING Yet!

If You Think It's Wild Now, You Ain't Seen NOTHING Yet!

I was able to catch up with Bo Polny yesterday and we had a wild chat!

Bo continues to be the #1 requested guest we have on our own.

The thing I hear most from people is “I sure love hearing from Bo!”

Well….your wish is my command!

Bo had a full day, but he squeezed in an hour to chat with us and I’m sure glad he did!

We covered all the big events that happened at the end of January / beginning of February, which hit exactly as Bo had anticipated.

But the big stuff is still yet to come.

If you think all the train derailments, food plants burning down, helicopters crashing and everything else that’s going on right now is bad, Bo says buckle up because it’s now going to start accelerating much more.

To the point where soon things will happen that your eyes won’t even believe.

There will be no other excuse other than that God must have gotten involved!

Oh, and speaking…

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