Jan 29, 2023 | Politics

Coming 2023 Dollar CRASH & Its Effect on Bitcoin Silver Gold

Coming 2023 Dollar CRASH & Its Effect on Bitcoin Silver Gold

Big things are happening folks…

In all facets of life, but especially when it comes to money.

You are seeing a changing of the guard when it comes to the monetary system right before your very eyes and most don’t even realize it.

This is as big, if not bigger, than when Nixon pulled us off the gold standard.

And my good friend and time cycle analyst Bo Polny has a big update for us.

Bo says a major dollar crash is coming and it’s going to have massive effects on gold, silver and crypto.

Are you ready?

Will you be safe?

When the music stops, there are going to be a LOT of people left without a chair.

And you know how that game ends…when you don’t have a chair, you’re OUT!

But the game of life is much more serious and much more deadly when it comes to the consequences.

That’s why I love talking with Bo, because his updates have so much in there!

In fact, even as I type…

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