Feb 18, 2023 | Politics

Biden Reveals The Next Step In The ‘Chinese Spy Balloon’ Incident

Biden Reveals The Next Step In The 'Chinese Spy Balloon' Incident

Were they, or were they not Chinese spy balloons?

The news cycle has been dominated by stories of alleged Chinese spy balloons and other UFOs over the last 2 weeks, and many believe that these stories have been embellished or entirely manufactured to distract from Biden’s scandals.

Everything from the ongoing classified documents investigation, the seismic revelations regarding the sabotage of the Nordstream 2 pipeline, and the recent toxic disaster in East Palestine have been put on the back burner to provide coverage on these alleged spy balloons.

Now, officials have reversed course and Biden is claiming that the objects tracked, and eventually shot down, were not Chinese spy balloons:

The Chinese government initially claimed that at least one of these balloons was a private research effort to study atmospheric phenomena…

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